Stuffed Peppers using the Flavour Enhancers

As a child, the dish of stuffed peppers were in the regular rotation of meals that my Mom versed us in preparing while she was at work. My brothers did not enjoy the pepper part of the dish so to avoid a debate, we would make extra large meatballs. My Mom’s recipe used green peppers and my DH can’t stand them so I tweaked the recipe using the coloured varieties.

Stuffed Peppers using the Flavour Enhancers

Serves 4

Stuffed Peppers using the Flavour Enhancers

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Flavour Enhancers for Future Recipes

Flavour is a huge component to a dish and to cooking it. If a dish is under or over seasoned it can really affect the taste and experience of the dish. Simply over salting a dish will make all that work inedible and you will be ordering pizza in. 😉

As I was rummaging through my fridge, I found some ingredients that once cooked and purée would be similar and even better than a store-bought version of  ‘marinade’ or ‘spice package’. I can control the amount of salt, fat etc. leaving the chemicals out.

Bonus: Not wasting the mushrooms that might be on the edge….

The following are recipes for what I’m labelling as ‘Flavour Enhancers’.

I will be using them in future recipes on the 5 o’clock rush

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