About Chef Kim

Headshot BlissDomCA Photographed by Anna Epp

Headshot BlissDomCA Photographed by Anna Epp


I’m a married stay at home Mom with 2 kids.

An 18 yr old attending his second year ay Sheridan College for Film and a 22 yr old who has graduated from Ivey School of Business at Western University and is starting a career path to her CPA. Yikes.

I graduated from George Brown College in T.O. with a culinary arts diploma. I have in the past work for some of the best chefs in Toronto.

My food blog is called the 5 o’clock rush.

How did you choose the name of your blog?

I chose this name for my food blog because it is that time in the day when I think oh crap it is 5 pm and “what is for dinner?”

Where do the recipes come from?

I’m the type of cook who uses no recipe and only the ingredients already in the kitchen to whip up a delicious dish on a whim.

Sure don’t get me wrong; there is some kind of “planning”.

Or Mise en place 😉

I have gone grocery shopping and I’m inspired by what is in season, what is on sale and if the leftovers can be reinvented on the nights I don’t have time to cook an elaborate meal.

The “recipes” on the site are either original (created by Kim), family recipes, or have been inspired by magazines, cookbooks, newspapers, and blogs. And then I adapted for use on the 5 o’clock rush

Would you say that the recipes are on the more gourmet/complicated side?

No. Basic knowledge about cooking and ingredients is helpful, even though I’m a graduate of Culinary School, please note that you shouldn’t need much technical skill to prepare the recipes on the site.

Who takes the photographs on the site, and what type of equipment is used?

The 5 o’clock Rush is the chief food photographer and food stylist. The camera is a Canon EOS Rebel T2i typically with an EF 50mm f/1.8 lens. I also use two Aputure LED Video lights and an OTTLite Craft Light to assist with my White Balance since my photos are taken after 630pm.

Follow @the5oclockrush on Instagram. It contains an up to date feed of my daily dinners photos. The photos are ‘real-time’ pictures of what I prepared for my family for dinner and my dinner plate.

Will the 5 o’clock rush do Product Reviews/Giveaways?

Possibly… but only if it is something she thinks her readers would be excited about- and a big-ticket item ($$$) would be amazing or something really cool that the 5 o’clock rush feels good about standing behind. Contact to inquire chefkim1968@gmail.com

I’d like to post the 5 o’clock rush recipes on my own blog -is that okay?

Please would appreciate it if you didn’t do it. Creating a blog post can take hours of time working on the content including editing and taking the pictures. You’re just violating copyright laws if you cut/pasted and placed on your site. Here’s a solution: It’s okay to post a photograph from the 5 o’clock rush site, write about your experience with that recipe, and then just post a link directing your readers to the original recipe on the 5 o’clock rush site. Or make the recipe more your own by editing it. Follow that proper protocol in the food blog world, and then you won’t be ruffling anyone’s spoons. 😉

For PR: If you’re inquiring about a brand partnership, product review or sponsored post with the 5 o’clock rush, or if you’re inquiring about the possibility of the 5 o’clock rush attending an event or trip sponsored by a brand. See the WORK WITH ME page for more information. The 5 o’clock rush media kit is available upon request.

I hope that my blog can inspire you to get in the kitchen and tackle your own 5 o’clock rush.

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AND my first YouTube video here:

Star of the Show #lovelentils Entry

Bon Appetit



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 Thanks to Anna Epp @Beach_Mama for the beautiful Headshot annaeppphotography.com.


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