Weekday Wrap Up 7 and BlissDomCA

Back on track here at the 5 o’clock rush with the Friday Feature Weekday Wrap Up

In case you missed my latest blog posts:

First post is a collaboration with a Canadian company Pulo Cuisine that has delicious Filipino sauces and marinades.

‘Pulo Cuisine’ A Twist on Tacos | the 5 o’clock rush.

Second post is about Smoker 101 and the recipe for the most used spice rub in my house, Memphis Dust Rub.

Smoker 101 and Memphis Dust Rub Recipe | the 5 o’clock rush

I’m excited to share that I’m attending BlissDomCA conference 2104. BlissDom Canada BlissDomCanada | Twitter.

BlissDom Canada brings together the savviest of social media personalities with the everyday blogger. The business and brands looking to expand their social media impact and those looking to hone their craft in the digital space.

I won my ticket to the show. Woohoo!

I have booked my hotel room, signed up for micro-sessions and now have business cards.

I hope to learn a lot, acquire some business and blogger connections and have a great experience.

I’m super excited for my first Blog conference, but very nervous too.

I will definitely to a post about my experience.

If you have any pointers about what to expect or how to prepare for a conference, please do in comments.

Have a great weekend

Chef Kim

For more pictures follow the5oclockrush on Instagram.

Weekday Wrap Up 7 and BlissDomCA


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