Weekday Wrap Up Premiere

It is Friday and the Premiere of

Weekday Wrap Up

This is a new feature on the 5 o’clock rush that showcases the pictures of Weekday dinners that I have prepared for my family. These are simple dinners from what could be in my fridge, freezer, and/or pantry and even a trip to the supermarket.

In our weeknight dinners, I usually try to incorporate a starch, vegetables and protein. Sometimes the vegetables are only a green salad or avocado and cucumber slices. Vegetarian meals or ‘Meatless Mondays’ happen occasionally, but I’m striving for every Monday.

Like any busy on-the-go Mom out there, I do use pre-made foods from the supermarket, especially when our evenings are packed with activities. And yes, grilled cheese sandwiches do make it into circulation but with real cheese, not cheese slices.

Can’t be 5 Michelin Star dinners every night 😉

I’m also attempting improve my pictures by using my DSLR camera more often over my iPhone. Only problem is I eating my dinner plate a little colder now. 😦

I hope that you enjoy this new feature.

Chef Kim


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{New} Friday Feature: Weekday Wrap Up

Sometimes the 5 o’clock rush is just dinner at my house. Nothing fancy, simple basic ingredients from my pantry, fridge or freezer and a trip to the supermarket. No measuring, or creating recipes just cooking and getting dinner on the table.

I thought as a way to share these dinners, I would have a new feature on Fridays called:

Weekday Wrap Up

A frenzy of dinner pictures with no recipes. And since it is summertime, dinners are less consistent or as planned and being at the trailer adds to the inconsistency.

As suggested by one of my dear friends, I will try to take more pictures by using my DSLR camera EOS Rebel T2i – Canon Canada Inc. instead of just limiting the photos to the security of my iPhone.

I have been researching and experimenting with my DSLR at the trailer. This resource has been very helpful Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots Book by Nicole S. Young | Trade Paperback | chapters.indigo.ca.

Below are some food pictures using my DSLR and my iPhone to compare. There is a big difference between the pictures especially ‘depth of field’, new fancy photographer talk. But taking pics at the trailer is much easier with the natural light since I’m outside for the set up. Replicating this at home will be the real challenge.

The frenzy will start this Friday. And let me know if you enjoy!

Chef Kim